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Happy Halloween!

Here are a couple of items that were in The Princeton Union newspaper, Thursday, November 2, 1922

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Mr. and Mrs. Gamradt Entertain.
On Wednesday evening of last week
a delightful Halloween party was
given by Mr. and Mrs. Max Gamradt.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Cal-
vin Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Manke,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jesmer, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Stolle, Mr. and Mrs. Eph-
riam Anderson, Mrs. Weeks and the
Misses Weeks, Edith Erickson, Ena
and Anna Mattson and Margaret Al-
brecht. The evening was spent in
playing Five Hundred. Mrs. Fred
Manke was champion player while
Mrs. Jesmer carried home the booby
I believe that the Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jesmer mentioned above are Louis E. Jesmer and his wife Rose (Malotte) Jesmer.  I am related to the Jesmer's through the Robideau line.  Louis would be my 1st cousin 4x removed. 
I wonder what the booby prize was?!

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Halloween Party at Heitman Home.
A Halloween party was given by
Lilly Heitman at her home Monday
evening. The guests were met by a
ghost as they drove into the yard.
The evening was spent with music,
games and fortune telling. At mid-
night a delicious luncheon was served.
All the guests thoroughly enjoyed the


From the Library of Congress, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspaper Site:

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