Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Lydia Elsner

This obituary for Lydia Elsner was in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette on Wednesday, April 8, 1936, pg.6.



                                               Mrs.  Zilla Gawehn, 1309 Sheridan
                                          court,  this  city,  received  word of the
                                          death of her sister, Mrs. Lydia  Elsner,
                                          80,  of  Princeton, Minn., Tuesday aft-
                                          ernoon  at  her  home.   Surviving  are
                                          four   children;   one   brother,    E.   J.
                                          Richter,  Napoleon, O.,  and her sister.
                                          Funeral services will be held Thursday
                                          afternoon at  Princeton.   She formerly
                                          resided in this city many years ago.

It looks like the information for this obituary was provided by Zilla Gawehn who resided in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It gives us another confirmation that Zilla and Lydia were sisters.  Zilla mentions Lydia's 4 children, but not Lydia's husband Albert, of Princeton, Minn., who is probably the one who notified her of her sister's passing!

The most exciting thing to find in this obituary is that Lydia and Zilla have a brother!  E. J. Richter of Napoleon, Ohio!

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