Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Erich and Ida Richter

Erich J.B. Richter and Ida Caroline Hilgendorff were married on December 12, 1882 in Henry County, Ohio.

On the marriage record for Erich and Ida, it looks like someone wrote "Bamns" in the left column.  I tried to look this up and I think that the word is actually "Banns".
The definition for banns is: 1. the public declaration of an intended marriage, usually formally announced on three successive Sundays in the parish churches of both the betrothed. 2. any public announcement of a proposed marriage, either verbal or written and made in a church or by church officials.

I did a little more research on banns and found that "banns" or "banns of marriage" were associated with the Church of England and other denominations whose traditions are similar.  Banns are announced or published in the church of the bride and of the groom for three consecutive weeks.  It they intend to marry at a different church from the one they normally attend, the banns have to be announced in that church as well.  So the banns could be read in three churches in some cases.

The banns are read so that the congregation knows of the upcoming marriage and can voice any objections that they have.  Such as, the couple are too closely related, or one of them is already married.  If there are no objections, then they are allowed to marry.

There is no marriage license required when banns are published.  The marriage is recorded in the church records and maybe the Family Bible, but it is not required to be reported to any civil authorities.  So it is possible to find banns of marriage, but not be able to find an actual marriage record.  Also, just because the banns were announced does not necessarily mean that the marriage took place.  So in the case of Erich and Ida's marriage, it is really lucky for us that Rev. L. Dulitz went down to the courthouse and recorded their marriage.  

Rev. L. Dulitz

Rev. L. Dulitz, was the pastor of the St. Paul Lutheran Church of Napoleon, Ohio from June 2, 1872 until August, 1884.  During his pastorate he baptized 213 children, confirmed 132, solemnized 72 marriages, and buried 60 persons.


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