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Happenings in Greenbush, Minnesota on December 7, 1911

The following was printed in The Princeton Union on Thursday, December 7, 1911 on Page 7.  It was under the heading of "The Farm Fireside. Gleanings by our Country Correspondents......" under the Greenbush section.

The Princeton Union, Thursday, Dec. 7, 1911, pg. 7
  The school children of district 5 are
preparing for a Christmas program.
  Frank Grow was among the crowd
who attended the dance in Santiago
on Thursday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Grow and
son, Leland, of Foley were here visiting
with relatives a few days.
   Quite a number of young people of
this vicinity attended the dance at
Santiago last Thursday evening.
  Mr. and Mrs. Nels Robideau and
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Grow were welcome
callers at Mr. and Mrs. John
Odegard's on Sunday.
  A dance will be given at the residence
of Nels Robideau on Friday,
December 15. Supper will be served
and a good time is assured. Everyone
is invited.
  Mr. and Mrs. Rant Ross, Mr. and
Mrs. Sidney Grow, Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Ross, Miss Conroy and Miss
Davis called on Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Grow on Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Ross and
daughter, Orpha, and Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Grow and son, Leland, visited
with Mr. and Mrs. John Grow and
family on Sunday.

  Most of the people in this article are my relatives!  I'll try to explain who they are, and later on, in a different posting, I will give you more information on each one of them.
  First, Mr. & Mrs. Nels Robideau are my great great grandparents.  Nels and Annie (Grow) Robideau are my great grandmother Lulu (Robideau) Elsner's parents.
  Five of Annie Grow's siblings are mentioned: John Grow, Sidney Grow, Thomas Grow, Alma Grow (Mrs. John Odegard), and Frank Grow.
  At the time this was written, Frank Grow was single and 20 years old;  Sidney Grow, 34, was married to Nellie (Ross), 29, and their son Leland was 6; John Odegard, abt 29, was married to Alma (Grow), 26; Thomas Grow, 27, was married to Ella (Taylor), 22; John Grow, 40, was married to Mary (Burke), 41.
  I wonder how many people attended the dinner and dance at the Robideau home?!  At the time, Nels, 45, and Annie, 38, had 11 children and one on the way.  My great grandmother, Lulu was 15 yrs old.  So there were already a lot of people in attendance!

Newspaper is from the Library of Congress, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspaper site:

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