Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Roy and Nellie Winsor

Roy Winsor United in Marriage to
Miss Nellie Jones at Clay
Center, Nebraska.


"We received this week an announce-
The Princeton Union, Thursday, April 6, 1911
ment of the wedding on March 15, of
Miss Nellie Jones of Clay Center,
Neb., well known in this city, to Roy
Winsor of Princeton, Minn.  The
wedding took place in the beautiful
home of the bride's parents, amid a
large number of guests and the cere-
mony was performed by Elder E. C.
Davis, formerly pastor of the Chris-
tian church of Red Cloud.  The mar-
riage took place at 6:30 p. m.  The
bride was dressed in a handsome
chiffon gown, wore a bridal veil and
carried a boquet of narcissus.  The
attendants were by Roy Jones, brother
of the bride, and wife.  At the proper
hour the happy couple came down the
stairs through an aisle of white ribbon
made by the Misses Ruth and Verdie
Allbie of Howard and took their place
while the sweet strains of Mendels-
sohn's march was played by Miss
Grace Johnson of Lincoln.
  After the ceremony and congratula-
tions, during which Miss Johnson
played, a buffet luncheon was served
to the guests.  The room was dec-
orated in green and white and made
a handsome appearance.
  After remaining at home for a few
weeks they will go to Princeton,
Minn., where they will reside on their
farm.  The Commercial Advertiser ex-
tends congratulations to the happy
couple and wishes them a prosperous
and contented life.-Commercial Ad-
vertiser, Red Cloud, Nebraska."

  Roy Winsor is the oldest brother of Rena (Winsor) Elsner.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Fred and Lorena Elsner

The Princeton Union, May 01, 1913, page 1
Weddings of Week
Fred W. Elsner and Edith L. Winsor
Married at Home of Bride's
Parents Yesterday.

  "A very quiet wedding occurred yesterday afternoon, April 30, at 2 o'clock, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Samuel Winsor, in Princeton, when their daughter, Edith Lorena, was united in marriage to Fred W. Elsner.  Only immediate relatives of both parties were present.
  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Emerson Service, pastor of the Methodist church, in which he used the impressive ring service.  Little Vivian Winsor carried the ring in a white rose.  Lohengrin's wedding march was played by Mrs. Roy Winsor.
  The bride was accompanied by Miss Elizabeth Elsner, sister of the groom, and Virgil Winsor was the best man.  The bride was tastily gowned in white chiffon over white silk and carried bride's roses, and the bridesmaid was dressed in pink voile and carried pink carnations.
  After congratulations a buffet luncheon was served and Mr. and Mrs. Elsner received many presents, among which was $100 in money.
  Both young people are well and favorably known in Princeton and vicinity and have many friends who wish them a long and prosperous life.
  At 4 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Elsner left in an automobile for Elk River, where they took the train for the twin cities.  They will be at home to their friends in Princeton after May 30." 

  Fred Elsner is my great grand uncle - my great grandfather's brother.  His parents are Albert and Lydia Elsner.
  Fred was 28 years old and Edith Lorena Winsor, better known as Rena, was 23 when they married.   
  Rena's parents are Samuel and Edith (Banks) Winsor.  Samuel (1848-1926) was born in England and immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was two years old.  Samuel and Edith married about 1884 and had ten children.
  Vivian Winsor is Rena's little sister and was only 2 1/2 years old when she carried the ring down the aisle.  How cute she must have been!  Virgil Winsor is one of Rena's brothers and Mrs Roy Winsor is Nellie (Jones), who was married to Rena's oldest brother.
  The article said that Nellie played the Lohengrin's wedding march.  Lohengrin is a romantic opera written by German composer Richard Wagner.  The opera was first performed in 1850.  The most popular and recognizable part of the opera is the Bridal Chorus, better known as "Here Comes the Bride".

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1900 Chicago City Directory

I found the 1900 Chicago City Directory online and since I know that Albert Elsner lived in Chicago at that time, I had to look him up.

From the 1900 Census I know that Albert, was living in Chicago with his wife Lydia and their children Fred, Elizabeth, Otto, and Erick. He was renting his home at 492 N. California Ave. and his occupation was saloon keeper. There were five other families that lived at that same address. They included a soap maker, plumber, piano maker, and a dry good salesman. 

When I first looked for Albert in the Individual Listings, I did not see him.  But I couldn't believe how many Elsners there were!  Could they be relatives?  I read each name and occupation and that is when I found Albert. He is listed as John! 
From the 1900 Chicago City Directory

There is also a  section for Business Listings so I looked up "Saloons" and found about 19 pages of them!  I was hoping to find the name of the saloon.  There are no adds for any of the saloons, just columns of names and addresses.  I found Albert's listing, "Elsner John A. 492 N. California av." I also looked up a few of the other people that live at 492 N. California Ave. to see if their business listing had the California address like Albert's does.  But they had different addresses in the business directory.  So I think that they were all renting apartments above the saloon.
Just one page of Saloons listed in the 1900 Chicago Business Directory.

In 1909 and 1911, the city of Chicago renumbered and renamed many of the streets.  492 N. California Ave. was changed to 1001 N. California Ave. So if you are curious to see where Albert and his family were living, like I was, you will need to use the converted address.

I used google maps.  But when I looked at the street view, it put me on Augusta Blvd.  Just to the left is the side of 1001 N. California Ave. Continue to the corner and there is the entrance to the business.  I also googled the address and found that it had been a Humboldt Pie (pizza) restaurant and now is Knockbox cafe.

I also checked the Cook County Property records.  The records for 2011 show that 1001 N. California Ave. is mixed use commercial/residential with apartments above and that the building is 111 years old.  That would mean that the building was brand new when they moved in and the saloon opened!