Monday, April 2, 2012

Mystery Monday - Mystery Couple

Thanks to a newly found cousin, I have pictures of Albert & Lydia!  Everyone in the picture is identified with the exception of one mystery couple.  I have been trying to figure out who they are, but have had no luck.  So for now, they are Mr. & Mrs. Mystery Couple.  (I am assuming they are married, but maybe they are brother & sister.)

In this picture we have from left to right: Lydia (Richter) Elsner and her husband Albert Elsner, then Bill Kettelhodt, Lulu (Robideau) Elsner and her husband Erick Elsner, next to them is Fred Elsner, the mystery couple, and Elizabeth (Elsner) Kettelhodt.

In case you forgot how they are all related, here is a reminder:  Albert & Lydia Elsner are the parents of Fred, Elizabeth, Otto, and Erick.  Bill Kettelhodt and Elizabeth were married on Sept. 22, 1913; Erick Elsner and Lulu were married on Nov. 15, 1917; and Fred and Rena (not pictured here) were married April 30, 1913; Otto and Betty were married on Nov. 25, 1919.

So who is the mystery couple?  Is it Fred's in-laws, Samuel and Edith Winsor?  Or could it be one of Albert's brothers and his wife, or Lydia's sister and her husband?

In this picture, they have moved a few people around, Bill Kettelhodt and Fred Elsner are gone, but Fred's wife is in this one and now Otto and Betty are in the picture.  From left to right is: Otto and Betty (Hedin) Elsner, Lydia and Albert, Lulu and Erick, Elizabeth (Elsner) Kettelhodt, Rena (Winsor) Elsner, and then the mystery couple.

It looks like Mrs. Mystery Woman has her arm around Elizabeth's waist.  This makes me wonder if it might be Elizabeth's in-laws, Frederick T. Kettelhodt and Ottilie (Kriesel) Kettelhodt.  Bill isn't in this picture but he is in the one above and isn't even standing by his wife or the mystery couple.  And Rena is in this picture but she wasn't in the other one but her husband was.  Maybe they took turns taking the picture.  Were these two pictures taken on the same day?  Maybe they took the first picture before Otto and Betty arrived, so they had to take another family picture.  They all seem to be wearing the same clothes in both pictures.  Erick took his hat off for the second picture and Lydia has a different belt on her dress in the second one, but otherwise I think they are all in the same clothes.

In this one, all the ladies got together for a picture.  Left to Right: Lydia, Betty (Hedin), mystery woman holding a little dog, Elizabeth posing for the picture, Rena, and my great grandma Lulu in her sailor dress laughing at Elizabeth.  (Are they sitting on a wheelbarrow?!)

I noticed that in all these pictures, Elizabeth is always next to the mystery woman.  Is it because it is her mother-in-law, or a favorite Aunt?

Hopefully, someone will be able to help me identify the mystery couple and maybe we can figure out what year these pictures were taken too.  I believe the pictures were taken on Albert's farm which was in Greenbush Township, Mille Lacs, Minnesota.

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Jeri Elsner said...

Sheryl, my dad thinks the mystery couple is Rena's parents, who were also from Princeton. I am visiting with him in AZ right now, and that's who he believes they are.