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Wedding Wednesday - Halloween Anniversary Party

  I found the following article in The Princeton Union  newspaper about an anniversary party that was held on Halloween.  And since it is Wedding Wednesday and Halloween today, I thought it was very fitting for the occasion.
  I can't say that I am related to anyone in the article, but I like to think that some of my relatives probably knew the people mentioned.

The Princeton Union
Nov. 2, 1911
pg. 1
          Hallowe'en Party
  Although a day too previous, Dr.
and Mrs. McRae gave a Hallowe'en
party to the Anniversary club on
Monday night.  The occasion was the
second anniversary of Dr. and Mrs.
McRae's wedding and it was cele-
brated in befitting manner.  Decora-
tions of illuminated pumpkins, ghost-
ly paper figures and other uncanny,
or creepy looking things, converted
the living room at the McRae resi-
dence into a veritable hobgoblin
roost.  The biggest pumpkin was on
the dining table, and its interior con-
tained a beverage said to be cider
which the guests drew into their sys-
tems through straws.  It is possible
that it was not misnamed, for cider is
known to produce a ruddy complexion
after a sufficient quantity is imbibed.
It may be, however, that the ruddi-
ness was produced by the glow from
the illuminated pumpkins scattered
  Mrs. McRae furnished a delectable
supper and, when the guests were not
eating, or drinking through straws,
they amused themselves with playing
games of various kinds.
  Those present besides the host and
hostess were Mr. and Mrs. Ira G.
Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Keith,
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stark, Mr. and
Mrs. George Ross, Mr. and Mrs. O.
B. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Avery, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Davis,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goulding and
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Kaliher.


  This is the wedding announcement for Dr. Duncan McRae, who was a dentist, and Miss Lena Frank.

The Princeton Union
Nov. 4, 1909
pg. 1
                 Dr. D. A. McRae Married. 
     Dr. D. A. McRae of this village was married at 3    o'clock on Saturday afternoon, October 30, to Miss Lena A. Frank at the home of Frank Goettche, Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  Rev. Koons of Eau Claire, Wis., conducted the marriage ceremony.  Only the immediate relatives of the bride and groom were present at the wedding.
  Dr. and Mrs. McRae departed upon the same day for Duluth and other places for a short bridal tour and arrived in Princeton yesterday, where they were heartily welcomed.  They are at home in the upper part of Mrs. C. H. Rines' residence on First street.
  During the doctor's absence from Princeton the exterior of his office was beautifully decorated with hearts, and legends, written with a brush, were hung upon the walls.

 From the Library of Congress, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspaper Site:
(wedding announcement)

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