Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elizabeth M. Gawehn, 1889-1974

  Elizabeth M. Gawehn was born in Germany in July of 1889 to August and Zilla (Richter) Gawehn.  She had two brothers, George and Erich, and a sister, Luella.
  As a child, she was called "Lizzie" and later on everyone called her "Betty".  She was only about a year old when her parents and older brother, George, immigrated to the United States and settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  Elizabeth never lived on her own, married, or had children.  She played tennis and competed in tennis tournaments at the country club in Fort Wayne.
  Elizabeth held several jobs throughout the years.  When she was 15, she was an operator at Bush Box Company.  Two years later, in 1906, she was a transferer at W. K. Mills.  She worked there for at least two years.  By 1912, Elizabeth was an operator for General Electric Company.  In 1919 she worked at Home Tel Co as an operator.  The 1920 census says she was a saleslady at a dry goods store and the 1921 city directory lists her occupation as a clerk at Tepper's.  By 1930, she was working as an operator again in an electrical factory (maybe General Electric again?).  In 1940, she worked in a bake shop with her sister-in-law, making deliveries.
  Elizabeth died on March 19, 1974.  She was 84 years old and the first of the siblings to pass away.  She is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in the same plot as her brother Erich and sister Luella.

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